12:00 – 1:00 PM CST

CPAs and taxpayers have seen small captive insurance companies (CICs) be the subject of a higher number of examinations and intensified scrutiny from the IRS this year. Though CICs are legitimate tax structures and common practice among many companies, the consequences for noncompliance are costly and can lead to a disallowance of all deductions of insurance premiums for each year they are paid to the captive.

Now that small captive insurance companies have made the IRS’ 2015 Dirty Dozen list, it’s crucial that CPAs and business owners operating CICs understand the potential risks and recognize the importance of protecting and substantiating the legitimacy of their captives. With extensive experience in audit defense and compliance work, combined with experience and insight into the IRS, alliantgroup is uniquely positioned to provide guidance and assistance on these matters.

Join alliantNational, alliantgroup’s national office, for a discussion on regulation updates concerning CICs and associated risks, and what you or your clients need to know to ensure full compliance with IRS guidelines. You’ll be hearing from:

  • Steven Miller, National Director of Tax at alliantgroup and former IRS Acting Commissioner
  • John Dies, Managing Director of Tax Controversy at alliantgroup

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